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Protect your account and data by using FIDO2, OTP, OpenPGP, or PIV.

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Great power comes

with great responsibility

Web Console

Manage your CanoKey using your browser

OTP Tool & Plugin

Use TOTP or HOTP using your browser or your phone

Open Source

Audit the code and build your own key

You're here because you want the best

And we know it

FIDO2 / WebAuthn 64 resident keys and unlimited normal keys
HMAC extension

OpenPGP OpenPGP Smart Card 3.4 Compatible
RSA 2048 / 4096
NIST P-256 / P-384
ED25519 / X25519

PIV NIST SP 800-73-4 Compatible
RSA 2048
NIST P-256 / P-384

One platform

To rule them all

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